Your Hot Tub or Pool's Water Will Only Be As Soft and Inviting As The Products You Put In It

Beware of chemicals purchased from big box retailers and hardware stores. They have a low concentration of active ingredients with a high concentration of cheap fillers. Not what you want to be sitting in and swimming in.

And in the end, you'll end up spending more for mediocre products.​

We've perfected the art of caring for and maintaining swimming pools and hot tubs. Let us guide you to a more pleasurable experience through the use of systems and products that best work together.

Our thoroughly tested, tried-and-true hot tub and pool supplies will make your life easier.

Not only do you get great products, you get our expertise.


We proudly offer the #1 selling brand of hot tub chemicals in the world, SpaGuard, and couple it with an amazing mineral-based sanitizer for a system that is easy to use, affordable and without the harsh chemicals and fumes. 


We have a full supply of the chemicals needed to properly maintain your swimming pool water, including our "magic blue juice" which is far and away the best water clarifier on the market to keep your pool water clear and safe.

Confused? Frustrated? Not Sure Which Products You Need?

Bring In a Sample of Your Hot Tub or Swimming Pool Water and We'll Analyze It For Free and Provide You With Simple, Easy-to-Understand Instructions.


We only sell one brand of hot tub accessories because they are, hands down, the best available. Stop by and check out our cover lift devices and steps color-matched to your hot tub. In addition to steps and cover lifts, make life easier with a towel bar, shelf and hand rail.


It's no secret that the heat and sun of southern Utah wreak havoc on your hot tub's cover. Our replacement hot tub covers are top notch in the quality department and are built in Sparks, Nevada for fast turn around time. 18 colors to choose from.


There are hundreds of hot tub manufacturers and thousands of filter cartridges to go along with. We stock the most common Unicel brand filters. If we don't have yours in stock, we'll determine which one you need and order it in for you at no extra cost.


Caring for and maintaining your swimming pool doesn't have to be a part-time job. Let us show you what you need (and what you don't) so that you can spend more time swimming in crystal clear water and less time stressing over pool care.

CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL: "We love our hot tub we bought from Jackie and Mark. The product was of great quality. We had shopped around and gotten the hard sell but not from Jackie and Mark they are so easy going and honest. They really help me learn how to keep my hot tub clean and enjoyable. I look forward to going in and buying chemicals and visiting these two new friends." - Shelly J.